Thursday, 19 January 2017

NAMM 2017 Booth #5000

The Oscitron is launched!

Soulsby Synths have launched their first Eurorack module, The Oscitron, on the first day of this year's NAMM show. It is available from their website and will soon be available from retailers (see website for list). It comes bundled with the Uni-Five utility module for £260. The modules are also available separately.

The Oscitron is an 8-bit wavetable oscillator. The audio engine is based on the Atmegatron desktop synth module but has many differences too. These include an audio input that can sample wavetables and an adjustable audio engine resolution.

Other features include pitch quantizer, 15 filter algorithms, wave-crusher pulse width and phaser effects. There are 5 CV inputs, a clock input which can be routed to many parameters and an audio input and output.

As with the Atmegatron, there will be numerous software versions released for the Oscitron. A port of the the Odytron analogue modelling software will be released soon after launch.

The Uni-Five is the companion module to the Oscitron and converts bipolar LFOs and 8V envelopes to 0-5V control voltages suitable for the Oscitron inputs.

Pete Fowler limited edition Atmegatron

There are 2 other exciting announcements at NAMM this year. First a new limited edition Atmegatron designed by Pete Fowler (Super Furry Animals / Monsterism). Only 30 have been made, each signed and numbered. The design features a bright pink glossy finish with monsterism screen print patterning.

The Atmultitron

Finally, the initial prototype of the Atmultitron is on demonstration. It is a 6 voice polyphonic 8-bit synthesizer with 3 octave keyboard. The final specification will feature Eurorack connectivity and wavetable sampling from the Oscitron, along with sequencing and versatile modulation routing. The Atmultitron is aimed to be released in mid-2018.

“The initial prototype of the Oscitron was premiered at NAMM 2016”, said Paul Soulsby CEO of Soulsby Synthesizers. “One year on we are delighted to launch the finished product and premiere the next big project, the Atmultitron.”

Monday, 2 January 2017

Happy New Year from Soulsby Synths!

The Oscitron

And to kick off the year, here's our brand new product, the Oscitron! It's an 8-bit wavetable oscillator rammed full of features, some from the Atmegatron and some new. We're also launching it's companion module, the Uni-Five. It's a utility module that converts bipolar LFOs and 8V envelopes to unipolar 5V control voltages.

It launches on the 19th Jan. It's £260 (inc VAT) for the Oscitron/Uni-five bundle. The modules are also available separately.

There will be more demo vids and tracks coming up over the next couple of weeks. Click the link below for a 2 minute introduction.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Happy Xmas from Soulsby Synths...

... and there's a special present for miniAtmegatron owners!

Here's a preview of the Odytron port for the miniAtmegatron. Turn the miniAtmegatron into a totally different synth engine! The Odytron emulates the features and sound of a classic analogue synth in 8-bit. The synth has 2 filters, 2 oscillators, ring mod, white noise and much much more.

Here's a very rough and ready video demoing it.

The controls are virtually the same as the normal miniAtmegatron. Key differences are:

  • Distortion and Phaser knobs control oscillator frequency offset.
  • Amp LFO knob controls the overall amplitude output offset.
  • Portamento/Wave crusher function only controls portamento
  • Waveform function cycles through several combinations of oscillators, noise and ring mod
  • Filter function cycles through, off, soft filter, hard filter (more resonant)
  • LFO shape function cycles through several routings of the square, saw and S&H to oscillator freq and filter cutoff
  • Xmassy sequence in the sequencer, which auto-increments through patterns
I'll write all of this up properly when it is launched officially next year!

To install:

  1. Install Arduino IDE. Run it up once, then close it.
  2. Download Libraries 2.6. Then put the contents in /*documents folder*/Arduino/Libraries/
  3. Download the miniAtmegatron Odytron arduino sketch. Put the contents in /*documents folder*/Arduino/. Then double click SsMinOdytron.ino
  4. Remove the miniAtmegatron shield from the Arduino Uno.
  5. Attach the jumper onto the Arduino Uno, as shown in the instructions.
  6. Reattach the miniAtmegatron shield.
  7. Plug in the USB. Goto Tools->Board->Arduino Uno/Genuino. Goto Tools->Port->COMM** (your Arduino Uno).
  8. Click upload button (top left, second icon in).
  9. That's it. If you want to use the miniAtmegatron with MIDI, you'll need to remove the header again.

Merry Xmas! If you run into any issues with it, just put a message on the forum.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Black Friday deals

If you didn't make it to SynthFestUK this year and missed out on the Atmegatron mega deals, do not worry as they're back for one day only! Head over to the webstore to get the bargains.

  • £120 B-Stock Atmegatron (40% off A-Stock price)
  • £180 Odytron Special Edition (20% off)

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

miniAtmegatron back on sale at the webstore

There's new stock of miniAtmegatrons at the webstore. There's a new video for them here and the link to the webstore is here!

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Soulsby Synths T-Shirt now in stock!

The official Soulsby Synths T-Shirt is now on sale. There's a range of sizes available. The T-Shirt is black cotton with 3 colour screen print on it. Get yours today!

Available from the Soulsby Synths Webstore.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Soulsby Synths at SynthFest UK

Soulsby Synths will be at SynthFest UK this Saturday (1st Oct). Booth E12

For Atmegatron/Odytron owners there will be free Atcyclotron and Strings overlays available, so come and say hi!

If you're thinking of buying an Atmegatron, there will be B-Stock Atmegatrons and Odytrons for sale at big discounts.

There will be the full range of Soulsby products on demonstration plus a preview of the Odytron software for the new Oscitron module.